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CNS has a vibrant working environment, with a dynamic culture, extensive professional development opportunities, and lots of collaboration.

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In addition, we offer competitive salaries, benefits, and a flexible schedule. Through our "educational entrepreneurs" program, we also offer interested teachers a unique opportunity to independently develop enrichment programming in art, science, music or other areas, and to offer it to the school community.

Prospective teachers should be prepared to participate in a team environment. All teachers work in pairs, and there is extensive collaboration and communication between every member of the teaching and administrative staff. Teachers play an active role in decision-making and the evolution of the program.

In order to be considered, teachers must:

  • Be certified in early childhood

  • Have a high level of energy and dedication

  • Share our philosophy and approach

  • Have extensive experience and advanced studies

  • Share a commitment to anti-bias education and continued professional growth

In addition, teachers should be available to work between 3-5 days/week, attend meetings, workshops, and other professional development opportunities. 

We encourage interested teachers, interns, or volunteers to contact the director to inquire about current opportunities.

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