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'Do not confine your children to your own learning for they were born in another time.' - Proverb

Habits of Mind

 Developing Habits of Mind 

Building Blocks


We have been benefited from and been informed by training in


As educators and teacher researchers, we have also been influenced by many wonderful professional development opportunities.


We are grateful for the collaboration and visiting consults from educators including:

  • Nancy Fincke, Julie Bernson, and the teachers from Lincoln Nursery School at the deCordova

  • Liz O’Neil and the teachers from Lexington Community Nursery School

  • Lella Gandini

  • Ben Mardell

  • Ellen Hall

  • Lisa Kuh

  • Melissa Rivard

  • Yvonne Liu-Constant

  • Kristina Lamour-Sansone

  • John Nimmo

  • Stephanie Cox-Suarez

  • Megina Baker

  • Debbie Lee-Keenan

  • Susan McDonald and Angela Ferrario

  • Reggio Leadership Group

  • Professors at MGH Health Institute


We have been influenced many research and reflections of many resources

  • The Hundred Languages of Children, Carolyn Edwards, Leila Gandini, and George Forman

  • Insights and Inspirations from Reggio-Emilia, Lella Gandini and Susan Etheredge

  • 12 Best Practices of Early Childhood Education and other books, Ann Lewin-Benham

  • resources from Reggio children

  • Visible Learners: Promoting Reggio Inspired Approaches in All Schools, Mara Krechevsky, Ben Mardell, Melissa Rivard and Daniel Wilson

  • Many storytelling books of Vivian Paley

  • The Art of Awareness and other resources from Deb Curtis and Margie Carter

  • Thinking Critically about Environments for Young Children, Lisa Kuh

  • Seen and Heard, Ellen Hall and Jennifer Kofkin Rudkin

  • Mind in the Making, Ellen Galinsky

  • Beautiful Things, Cathy Topal and Lella Gandini

  • Roots of Empathy, Mary Gordon

  • The Power of Mindful Learning, Ellen Langer

  • Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv

  • Endangered Minds, Jane M.Healy

  • Nurture Shock, Po Bronsen and Ashley Merryman

  • Visual Thinking Strategies, Philip Yenawine

  • Spark, John Ratey

  • Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman

  • Having of Wonderful Ideas, Eleanor Duckworth

  • Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner

  • Mindset, Carol Dweck

  • resources from Angela Lee Duckworth

  • The Power of Play, David Elkind

  • How Toddlers Thrive, Tovah Klein

  • Teach Your Children Well, Madeline Levine

  • How Children Succeed, Paul Tough

  • The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, Wendy Mogel

  • Power of Their Ideas, Deborah Meier

  • The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, Ken Robinson, Ph.D. (with Lou Aronica)

  • On Knowing, Jerome Bruner

  • Teaching with Intention, Debbie Miller

  • A Place for Wonder, Georgia Heard and Jennifer McDonough

  • Releasing the Imagination, Maxine Greene

  • Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, John Gottman

  • Playful Parenting, Lawrence Cohen

  • Connection Parenting, Pam Leo

  • Emotional Development in Young Children, Suzanne A. Denham

  • The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book, Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

  • Attached at the Heart: 8 Proven Parenting Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children, Barbara Nicholson & Lysa Parker

  • The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind, Survive Everyday Parenting Struggles and Help Your Family Thrive, Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.

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