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Our approach to learning is grounded in a great respect for the child, and a dedication to research driven practice. Every decision holds us to the highest standard of creating the optimal conditions for children to learn. From the smallest details such as ensuring a media-free center and providing only nutrient rich food to allowing children to connect with nature daily and ensuring hands-on learning, our practice is rooted in what we value as fundamental rights of children to the best education possible.

Our pedagogy is anchored on a strong understanding of child development and human potential. Some of our practice is familiar early childhood experiences, like digging in mud and singing songs, while other techniques are reflective of the great research tradition and brain science in our educational community, like mindfulness and thinking protocols.

By every measure, our approach looks and feels like play, but careful observation highlights the intentional integration of skills and inquiry that makes play the most fruitful opportunity for learning and growth. At CNS children are learning from interesting provocations, thoughtful questions and rich problem solving in the same way that artists, scientists, mathematicians, writers, and engineers learn in the world.

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