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'The principles which man projects as a guide are not dogmas. They are hypotheses to be worked out in practice, and to be rejected, corrected, and expanded as they fall or succeed in giving our present experience the guidance it requires.” 
- John Dewey 

Observational Drawing


Exploring Geography


Our approach allows us to integrate the state early childhood standards, 21st century skills and Teaching Gold seamlessly in playful learning to best match the best instruction for each individual child. In addition to traditional standards which often only represent part of what children need to be successful, we use an approach to celebrate habits of mind such as self-starting, perseverance, problem solving, critical thinking and communication well beyond the basics.

Our practice of constant documentation serves as an ideal tool to measure not only the traditional learning domains and early childhood skills or milestones, but more importantly the approach to learning, character development and skills for the future that drive our curriculum and later success so we can best determine next steps. We are dedicated to make sure we support children in reaching the highest standards of what children can achieve both collectively and as individuals. We also use assessment and screening to guide early intervention opportunities. When necessary, we refer families to appropriate services and supports to get early intervention beyond what CNS can provide.

This individualized and differentiated curriculum in our approach provides new opportunities and challenges for each student.

Our assessments and journey book reports have been recognized as highly comprehensive and thoughtful. We continue to improve them so that they meet and exceed all evaluations.