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CNS Alumni,



You and your families are all in our hearts and minds. We hope you are all healthy, safe and well. 


Like your schools, at CNS, we have rolled out remote learning opportunities and are enjoying the delight of children in every zoom meeting, block building challenge, small-group lunch, and individual conversation starters. It is not the same, but the children have a great way of making the most of it. 


With this in mind, we wonder if you wanted to join in the CNS fun! This summer, we had planned to start an alumni internship program for CNS summer weeks; however, with that on hold, we have a great idea for now. We wonder if you could lend your talents and volunteer digitally. Our teachers have videotaped mini-lessons, read aloud and songs. We would love to add some alumni videos that we could share with children. 


Here is how it would work:

  • Make a Video: Introduce yourself....and then share a lesson, talent, story, puppet show, dance...)

  • Upload: The video on our alumni video drive

  • Share: We will add the video in our daily notes to children

  • Delight: CNS Children will surely enjoy seeing some older children read, sing, dance and teach. 

Feel free to check out Nancy's video for ideas (and some preschool memories). 

Nancy Video.png

Just as you did while at CNS, we know that you are embracing this new reality with care, creativity, and courage. We hope you can zoom your CNS friends, and connect with us at any time. 


We always miss you, and we think of you often. Stay in touch. Zoom, Facetime, Share a Photo or video you wish. We know we will all love to see you, especially the children.


All our love, 

Cady and Kelly

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