Extra Programs

CNS offers innovative programs for children 2-5 years old. Our pioneering curriculum celebrates the great potential of young children, with the goal of nurturing self-motivated, life-long learners.

Extra Programs

Extra Programs can be chosen a la carte by families enrolled in the Core Program. They offer an opportunity for children to socialize with a broader community of peers and to explore new areas of inquiry, in a safe and familiar setting.

Extra Programs are designed to run for the full school year. They begin the second week of school, and early withdrawal is not permitted. Late enrollment is offered in some cases when space is available, though additional fees may apply. Enrolling for the year, however, is significantly more economical and is strongly encouraged.

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  • Afternoon Shade

    In keeping with the latest research on child development and education, our afternoon program is play-based, with lots of time for independent choices and rest. Children begin the afternoon with time to nap, accompanied by a book read aloud and quiet music. After nap, there's time for physical play, and to engage with classroom toys and activities such as kitchen chemistry and dramatic play. Offered based on interest each year. 
  • Extra Day: Friday Explorers (3-5 year olds)

    Based on our belief that the "world is our classroom," the school's neighborhood – including historical sites, bodies of water, urban wildlife, and human culture in all its diversity – serves as inspiration for out-of-school investigations. Most days begin with research groups posing questions, include a short field trip, and then culminate with reflection in "Explorer Journals."
  • Extra Day: Greenhouse (2-3 year olds)

    Wednesdays are an optional extra day for 2-3 year olds. The approach is similar to our Core Program, but with a more specific focus on exploring the "out-of-doors" – the natural world, seasons, and weather – with many unique themes and activities. Exploration will be through a wide range of experiences, including direct experimentation, literature, music, art, cooking, and movement.
  • Morning Sunshine

    Early arrivers are welcomed with morning mind and body exercise including reading, language play, storytelling, music, stretching, and yoga. Offered based on interest each year. 
  • Other offerings

    CNS also offers an ever-evolving schedule of performances, puppet shows, film screenings and lectures for the school community on weekday afternoons and weekends. For up-to-date information on what's available, contact us or view our calendar.
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